• About the Office

About the Office

The Office of Secretariat was established in 1955 and was called “The President's Office”back then. It became “The Office of Secretariat” in 1993. The Documentation Section of General Affairs was reorganized and became the First Section in the Office of Secretariat on March 2007. The First and Second Sections have been renamed respectively as Documentation Division and General Service Division on December 2018.

The Office and its Chief Secretary, Professor Kuo-Ping Lin, stand at the center of Tunghai's faculty, staff, and student communities. The Office has sought to foster collaboration across the University and manage changes in policies and guidelines that affect the administrative practices of the university as a whole. Endeavoring to promote Electronic Documentation System in 2006, the Office has made the documentation procedure more effective and efficient than ever.

      There are four first-line committees in the Office. They are the Gender Equality Education Committee, Internal Control System Committe, the Policies and Regulations Committee, and the THU Web Site Committee. The purposes of these first-line committees are to oversee issues that impact the University and serve as a vehicle to create general guidelines for the University.

        At present, the Secretariat Office focuses it efforts in the areas of organizational change, cross-faculty administrative collaboration and the well-being of the Tunghai community.